Choosing A CPA Review Course

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There are some things to consider when you are looking to invest the significant time and money that a CPA Review Course will require.

What’s The End Result You’re Looking For From A CPA Review Course?

Before buying a CPA Review Course you should think about what your objective is. Do you want to learn everything that could possibly be on the CPA Exam or do you want to focus specifically on scoring a passing grade on the CPA Exam. This may sound like the same thing but I will explain…


The Becker CPA Review course is exhaustive. It covers every topic and subject area that could possibly be on the CPA Exam. It requires an enormous amount of study time and some feel it’s a bit overkill. Please, don’t get me wrong…The Becker CPA Review Course is a good course. I am just saying that it really depends on your learning style.

 The Yeager CPA Review Course focuses on what you will need to score well on the test. This translates into less study time and likely better results as you will not have information overload.

Both Becker and Yeager CPA Reviews boasts a near 90% pass rate that is almost double the national standard.  

Will You Be Paying For The CPA Review Course?

You should check to see what CPA Review Courses your employer will pay for if any.  If your employer will pay for or help you pay for your CPA Review Materials then that’s Huge. A quality CPA review course will cost well over a thousand dollars and if you are not paying for it all yourself, that is a good thing.

If you are going to spend your own hard earned money and you want the Best CPA Review available… I would suggest that you at least look into the Yeager CPA Review course. The Yeager CPA Review is around half the cost of some other CPA Review Courses and some feel is much more effective.

Focus on passing the CPA Exam the first time.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay a substantial fee to take each of the CPA Exam sections. There’s that cost as well as all the personal time you have spent studying.

A CPA Review Course really is an investment.

You are investing not only in the cost of the course and the exam fees. You are also investing a sizeable amount of time and energy. Your social life will be gravely affected as well.

Finally Consider The CPA Review Courses Customer Service  

Take into account the courses customer service. Make sure that if you have questions that you can actually call a person or get an answer in a practical amount of time online. Some courses charge extra for support, so include that in your final decision.

No matter which CPA Review Course you choose it will require substantial study time. It will most likely take a large toll on your social life. With that said, you will want to get it done and over with as soon as possible and a good CPA Review Course will help make that happen.     

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