Yaeger CPA Exam Prep Review Course

Yaeger CPA Review

Is the Yaeger CPA Exam Prep Review Course The Best? (OVERVIEW)

The Yaeger CPA Exam Prep Review Course has developed a lot of fans over the years. With an 88% pass rate there is a good case to be made that it is the best CPA Review Course on the market today. To this day the Yaeger CPA Prep Course remains a family operation. This CPA Review Course went digital in 2004 but keeps the same “old school” teaching style and second to none customer service that they have always provided their students.

Yaeger CPA Exam Prep Review Course (PROS)

It’s Simple and effective… Just like in college class rooms everywhere the Yaeger CPA Review Course is taught with the “Old School” approach. The instructors use a white board while explaining every step and the theory behind it. No, it’s not flashy but it works. The instructors do an exceptional job of writing down the calculation and explaining every step.

Unmatched customer assistance…If (or more like when) you have questions your answers are just a phone call away. Phil Yaeger even takes his turn answering the phone. This is further evidence that Yaeger is a family operation.

Course on DVD…The course is on DVD so you can learn and review the information on your own schedule. Some folks might have reservations about not being able to ask questions but with the customer service as good as it is that is not an issue.

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Yaeger CPA Exam Prep Review Course( CONS)

You might nod off…This might surprise you but accountancy in not an adrenaline inducing activity. Learning it isn’t any more so. You might find yourself nodding off from time to time while taking the course. If you think that is going to be a problem for you check out the Rogers Cpa Review.

Limitations of a family operation… Being a family operation has its pros and cons. Yaeger CPA Review doesn’t have the budget that some companies (like Becker) have. You might find little things that don’t get edited out of the videos. The instruction is top notch but some people have too much time on their hands and feel the need to find something wrong with everything. Do you know anyone like that? I bet you do.

Yaeger CPA Exam Prep Review Course (Conclution )

The Yaeger CPA Review is defiantly one of the Best CPA Exam Prep Courses on the market. You are going to have to decide for yourself if it’s best for you. If you’re sitting on the fence you might find the discounts that Yaeger offers enticing.

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